Introducing AdFlake

Maximize your apps monetization potential by leveraging multiple ad networks in a single app with full control over ad network weight, house ads, analytics and more awesome features.

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Increase your Ad revenue

Implementing only a single ad network yields less than optimal cash results due to a reduced click/impression ratio. Improve your CPM ratio by including multiple ad networks.

AdFlake currently supports 19 ad network providers. Huge number right? Besides the other awesome features AdFlake has to offer, there is no other service that is compatible with that many ad networks.

Create your own Ads

Improving the downloads and sales of other apps and games you've released is an important topic for developers. Publishing your own banners (house ads) inside your apps is easy with AdFlake and is the best way to promote your apps to your existing user base.  

MADE is a team chock full of game developers by heart, and we can ensure that this works great!

AdFlake provides free ad network mediation for iOS and Android apps. Features like house ads, interstitial video ads, custom events and analytics + reporting make AdFlake the top choice for ad mediation on mobile.

AD Networks

AdColony VideoAds
Amazon Mobile Ads
AppBrain AppLift
Apple iAD VideoAds
Custom Events
Google AdMob
Google AdMob VideoAds
House Ads
Komli Mobile
Millenial Media

House ADs

Create your own ADs and serve them in your app for free. That's the most cost efficient way to cross-sell your products!


Track your ad impressions, clicks and CTR for every network that you have enabled for you app, including house ads.

Custom Events

Setup custom events on a per app basis that will be handled exclusively by your code.

Open Source

Our client SDKs for both iOS and Android are open source! So everybody can add additional AD networks and start a pull request with our repos.